Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers
Who Are We

Introducing PASAE

We serve as a close-knit support group for students in the technical fields, providing student members a space for social interaction, cultural understanding, professional guidance, and academic support.

Our Mission

We provide academic support through peer counseling, class advising, and technical workshops. We offer academic advising, study nights with refreshments, workshops in productivity software, website design, financial planning, and alumni networking.

Our Pillars


PASAE offers industry field trips and various workshops on resume writing, career planning, graduate school advising, and internship and cooperative education opportunities. Alumni speakers at our general meetings tell us about their experiences as a Filipino/a in the “real world.” Furthermore, through the Student Alumni Mentorship Program (SAMP), our members work with alumni to fulfill their personal and professional goals.


PASAE provides academic support through peer counseling, class advising, and various workshops. Our members come from a wide variety of fields in engineering and science as well as architecture, and represent both lower and upperclassmen. This creates a friendly and knowledgeable environment in which to seek advice and guidance. We offer academic advising for both Fall and Spring semesters, study nights with refreshments, workshops in office productivity software, website design, financial planning, and plenty of opportunities to network with alumni.


As students of Cal, we know about tough times, screwed up schedules, incomprehensible professors, confusing relationships, insufferable exams, impossible problem sets, slaving at the computer, and those late night studios. We recognize how important it is to have a life outside of class. PASAE organizes social events such as the famous PASAE barbecues, Hip-Hop Classes, ice skating, broomball, clubbing, movie nights, game nights, and other forms of stress relief.

What we're up to

Here are some of the events we had this past semester. Check out our Facebook page for more!


  • 1988

    PASAE was founded

    Anthony Antonio founded PASAE

    He currently works as an Asian American Studies professor at Stanford University. PASAE, originally known as Pilipino American Society of Architects and Engineers, began as an organization to convince Filipinos and other minorities to study STEM fields

  • 1995

    PASAE makes a comeback

    PASAE reinvents itself to what it is known today--Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers

  • Today

    YOU can be part of PASAE

    To become a member of PASAE, simply attend a general meeting or participate in a PASAE event. There are no membership dues and all majors and ethnicities are welcome!

  • Join

Meet Core 30

Executive Component

Radley Rigonan


Jilian Cabornay

Internal Vice President

Dani Carino


Joshua Paul Santiago (JPS)

Social Chair

Internal Component

External Component


External Vice President

Kendal Asprec

Science Representative (Events/Planning)

Jay Mantuhac

Science Representative (FASTER)

Sheena Gonzalez

Public Relations

Lance Moll


Rafael Calleja

Engineering Representative/Webmaster

Creative Component

Fall 2017 & Spring 2018

Contact Us

Shoot us a message below or email us directly at ucb.pasae@gmail.com!


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PASAE is a student chapter of FASAE, a non-profit organization committed to the empowerment of Filipino American architects, engineers, scientists, and related professionals.

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