Who We Are

Filipinos represent 3% of the UC Berkeley campus. An even smaller portion of this population in represented in Cal's STEM field. We provide a space for this community. We are the Pilipino Association of Scientists, Architects, and Engineers. We serve as a close-knit support group for students in the technical fields, providing student members a space for social interaction, cultural understanding, professional guidance, and academic support. Everyone is welcome to join!


Our Mission

We aim to increase the number of Filipinos in the STEM field by ensuring our members achieve. We do this by providing our members with academic support through peer counseling, academic advising, and study nights. We recognize the importance of finding healthy ways to destress and provide social events. We also provide workshops on topics ranging from website design to resume building, and alumni networking opportunities. Above all, PASAE is a strong support group for our members.

"Adjusting to college is tough, especially when it's Berkeley. However, PASAE gave me my first friends. PASAE
gave me my first mentors. PASAE gave me a space to ask for advice on classes. PASAE gave me a family!"
-Kiana, Intern

Meet Core 31!

Dani Carino

Internal VP

Mikee Martin


Kathryn Balingit


Justin Robin Puerto

Co-Social Chair

Patty Natividad

Co-Social Chair

Rafael LImgenco Calleja

Co-External Director

Kendal Asprec

Co-External Director

Geraldine Fabro

Engineering Representative

AJ Sales

Science Representative

Audrey Yue

CED Representative

Sheena Gonzalez

Creative Director

Jo Apellanes


Rigel Sison

Public Relations

Kiana Go


Isabella De Leon

Science Representative

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